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Tomorrow the 72nd edition of miss Universe in it José Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium of El Salvadorin which 84 candidates will participate, only one of whom will be crowned and become the successor of R’Bonney Gabriel, originally from the United States.

Once again, the participants will take over the most important catwalk in world beauty, showing different looks and outfits turning the event into a meeting of glamor and style, and to achieve it, the work of a group of experts made up of stylists and image consultants What they do behind the scenes.

Liz Duck is part of them. The first personal shopper in Mexico, who works directly with the Miss Mexico Organization, where he advised Vanessa Ponce de León, who won the Miss World crown in 2018, and Miss Universe Andrea Meza in 2020, shared with us what her experience has been like.

In this work, Duck works with a strict protocolwhich goes from the diagnosis of colorimetry, body type, clothing advice and image trainingexclusively created for the Mexican representative.

“Many would think that it is just dressing them with any nice dress or a striking look, but the reality is that behind that outfit there is a great meaning. I am coach image and my process is a comprehensive training, which aims to bring out the best in them,” the expert explained to Círculos.

According to Liz, they are working on a guide that allows the misses Be self-sufficient when choosing your wardrobe, hair and makeupbecause sometimes they do not have the team of experts with them all the time.

“The intention is to perfect them and make them independent, we are teaching them to be self-sufficient at all times, how to do their own hair and makeup, so that they can make the most of their natural physical characteristics,” shared the renowned image consultant.

Duck’s advisory process begins with the analysis of the physical characteristics of the queens, “I am in charge of measuring the balance they have, symmetry, proportions, face and body typology, future decisions will be made from the results of all these studies.”

The most important study is that of the colorimetry“from here it will be defined whether you dye your hair or not, what color palette to use both in makeup and costume (warm or cold), they must be trained to know what favors them, it must be emphasized that the fundamental thing is to enhance their characteristics, we are not going to change anything, their natural beauty will simply stand out,” he said.

Regarding the looks that are shown in the contest, he said, which are very “powerful,” “they must reflect a theme of comprehensive beauty, we are not only talking about beautiful women“But they have an intellect, they are self-confident, they help an NGO… the look is a language of integral beauty that has a certain power, in addition to being complemented by the essence of the miss.”

Of her responsibility as an image consultant, she shared that it is a great training job, “not only is it teaching them how to do it, but they themselves create where they stand, they have to know how to exploit their natural beauty and characteristics, know how to produce themselves from the inside abroad, because it is not only image consulting, they also take another series of training such as languages, body expression, etc.”

“For me, it is a job that I proudly do for Mexico, because each beauty queen who goes through my consultancy is a worthy representative of the country with unique characteristics that enhance her elegance and naturalnessI feel proud to be part of this and to have obtained two crowns”, he concluded.

Currently, Liz is collaborating with the stylist Lula Tena; on social networks they launched the #twinnigday where they share advice and tips to their followers to guide them when it comes to dressing.

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