Tito Nieves celebrates almost half a century of career in Mexico – El Sol de México

Tito Nieves celebrated 48 years of career to the rhythm of salsa and in one of his most dream venues: the National Auditorium, in Mexico City.

“I am full of many emotions, you don’t know that I dreamed, I swear by my mother, of stepping on this stage here in Mexico. Thank you for allowing me to make this dream come true. Today I leave my soul, my voice and everything here. We are going to review 48 years of career, we are going to laugh, sing and dance with our clothes on,” said Nieves on the stage.

The Caribbean rhythms began to play minutes before 9:00 p.m., performed by the host’s band, made up of 15 male elements, all dressed in red suits and white tennis shoes.

From among the shadows, the figure of Tito Nieves began to crystallize, which generated a shout from his fans. Black jacket, pants and shirt, accompanied by dark glasses, was the outfit that Nieves chose for this magical night, according to the Puerto Rican himself.

His first song was the cover “Más que tu Amigo” with which he warmed up the engines and caused some to get up and begin to relax their bodies in their own place. The songs “The most beautiful love” and “I believe in you” followed.

“I affectionately demand that the public sing the songs with me because they are not mine, they are yours and if you notice me suffocating a little it is because the height affects me. If I have to leave this voice and this body here, I will leave it here,” said the 64-year-old artist.

One of the first surprises of the show, which lasted almost two hours, was the presence of Víctor Manuelle, a 55-year-old New York salsero with whom he sang “Almohada” and “tengo Ganas,” one of Víctor’s hits.

With these songs, the public took advantage of the corridors of the Coloso de Reforma to demonstrate their best steps in this rhythm.

Nieves paid different tributes throughout the night, to Marco Antonio Solís with the song “My eternal secret love” and Juan Gabriel with “Te lo pido por favor.”

In his review of songs, he took the opportunity to present his two most recent songs “Volver a casa”, which he dedicated to all migrants who live very far from their native country and “Soy”, a song in collaboration with Gilberto Santa Rosa, released last month. of June.

The second surprise from the host was Pancho Barraza, with whom he performed the songs “My enemy love” and “How do I forget you?”, which those present recorded on their phone.

“Pancho is such a genuine, unique person, talent and composition are one thing, but as a person he is another,” said Nieves de Barraza.

The celebration continued with hits like “Señora ley”, “Sonámbulo” and “De mi enamamorate”.

The show ended with “La salsa lives”, with which the fans said goodbye with a great standing ovation.


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