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The president-elect, Javier Milei, predicted this Sunday that “today the end of Argentine decline begins,” when giving his first speech after the elections that he won with 55.69 percent of the votes and 99.28 percent of the tables counted. and warned that “there is no turning back.”

“Enough of the impoverishing caste model, today we once again embrace the ideas of freedom to be a world power,” promised the leader of La Libertad Avanza (far-right), who defeated the ruling party Sergio Massa in the second presidential round (44.30 per hundred).

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Milei, in a dark suit and tie, gave his speech alone on stage in front of an electoral “bunker” packed with supporters who shouted “Wig President!” (because of her haircut) and “Freedom, freedom.” Milei had been presented on the stand by her inseparable sister, Karina Milei, with whom she melted into a hug, both obviously moved.

The ultra-liberal economist pointed out that, with his help, Argentina will once again “return to the path” that it should not have abandoned due to the “impoverishing model of the omnipresent State” that only benefits some and that results in a “loot” to be distributed among politicians and his friends.

“Today we once again embrace the ideas of freedom,” he said. And in reference to the founding fathers of the country, he alluded to three premises: a government that “complies to the letter” with the commitments it has made, “private property” and “free trade.”

And he warned the world that his “commitment” is to “democracy, free trade and peace” and that he will work “side by side with all the nations of the free world.”

Milei inherits a destroyed economy

The president-elect pointed out that the Government of Alberto Fernández is “leaving a destroyed economy”, on the way to hyperinflation, problems in the exchange market, relative prices and debt.

“We have the determination” to put the fiscal accounts in check and to fix the problems of the Central Bank, he stated. “This is not a task for the lukewarm” nor for “cowards” nor for the “corrupt,” she emphasized.

And in addition, he asked his opponent and current Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, to take charge of his mandate until December 10, since the transition period begins tomorrow, Monday.

Milei defined the problems that Argentina faces as “monumental” and lamented that society “has been abandoned” by the political class in recent decades.

The president-elect also warned Argentines that “the changes” the country needs “are drastic.”

“There is no room for gradualism, there is no room for lukewarmness, there is no room for half measures,” he anticipated. “If we do not move quickly with the structural changes that Argentina needs,” she said, “we are headed straight for the worst crisis in our history.”

But unlike what he proclaimed in the campaign, tonight Milei did not allude to his proposal for dollarization, nor for destroying the Central Bank nor for “taking a chainsaw” for public spending.

Open the door to reconciliation

Leader of a new force, Javier Milei tonight invited political leaders from other spaces who want to join the change that Argentina needs, no matter where they have been before or the differences. “They will be welcome,” he assured.

But he acknowledged that there will be people “who are going to resist” because they want to “maintain the system of privileges.”

To them he said: “Everything is within the law, nothing is outside the law,” because “in this new Argentina there is no place for the violent, for those who violate the law, for those who use force to maintain their privileges.” .

Milei thanked the “patriotic gesture” and “generosity” of former president Mauricio Macri (2015-2019) and the former candidate for president of his space, Together for Change, Patricia Bullrich.

Both leaders “selflessly” supported the libertarian in this second round to win against the ruling party.

The prosecutors of the Republican Proposal (Pro) party, to which Macri and Bullrich belong, within Together for Change, helped “defend” the votes and many of its leaders were present during Milei’s speech in the winning bunker.

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