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In times of political correctness, Trino allows himself to make fun of the tendency to pretend to be what one is not. Your book Chronicles of a Dandy offers a compilation of the homonymous strips published by in GQ magazine from 2010 to 2018, as well as an unpublished selection made especially for the compilation.

“It is a humorous book, there are people who may think, due to times when everything is cancelled, that it seems like classist or racist humor… which it is, but not with that intention. It is a humor that rather criticizes aspirationists, but at the same time also criticizes those who are not educated. It’s a kind of Carreño’s Manual updated, but with a joke, with the desire to want to have a good time,” Trino explained in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

The caricaturist of this publishing house narrates what the origins of a character like The Dandy, who stars in his comic strip. Evidently, it emerged as a satire on aspirationism that the same publication where it appeared transmitted through his texts; but at the same time, a sarcastic look at her counterpart within society.

“Everyone wants to own something, The Dandy “He represents for me that idea that we have, a kind of English lord who knows how to eat well, dresses well, who complies with the rules of civility,” he commented.

“He talks about naquez and the new rich, they are the two extremes, it’s humor about that, about how we exaggerate. There are elements that can be jokeable and that is what I take advantage of, laughing at everyday life and all those flaws that we have as a society. “It’s doing a kind of social dissection,” he said.


Although Trino points out that censorship for wanting to maintain what is politically correct appears recurrently on social networks, he also points out that, in that sense, his work has not experienced changes. “Sensitivity is already very much on the surface, but if you read at least three or four of my strips, you will realize that it is all gossip.

“It hasn’t been difficult to adapt because my humor is not meant to offend. I belong to an older generation where if I make a joke about inclusive language, because it sounds like the Dog Bermúdez, it’s because I’m doing humor, it’s not that I’m against it. It seems extraordinary to me because you once again put into discussion minorities that should not be taken that way,” he said.

On the other hand, Trino points out that his characters and stories from the past have been highlighted by a sector of the public, for example, his most popular strip The Saintsmade in collaboration with José Ignacio Solórzano, Jis.

“Many people believe that having taken The Saints to La Tetona Mendoza It is something that is not cool because it is objectifying her, but in reality it is a strip that was born in 1988, and if you look at the character, she is actually an empowered woman.”

In addition to his publications, Trino remains active on the podcast The Endless Chora which he has performed together with Jis since 2009 on Radio UdG, as well as its television version broadcast on the Channel 22 signal. And he recently premiered The last trenchanother podcast in which he is accompanied by Andrés Bustamante.

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“I’m happy doing this show because it’s like hanging out with him, but they’re paying us, we say the same thing and we laugh. It’s something different from what I do with Jis on The Chora, where we talk about stronger things, and not here, we take great care of ourselves. “I fit in well there even though I’m the one who says things more on the edge,” he concluded.

Chronicles of a Dandy It is now available in bookstores in its printed and digital version. It will have a presentation by its author on December 2 at the Guadalajara International Book Fair, where an autograph signing is also scheduled.

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