Turkish parliamentary commission approves Sweden’s accession to NATO – El Sol de México

The commission of Foreign Affairs of Parliament Turkey approved this Tuesday the accession protocol of Sweden in NATO after 19 months of suspense, deputy Utku Cakirozer, of the opposition CHP party, told AFP.

After this decision, the protocol must be transmitted to the hemicycle of the National Assembly for a vote in plenary, although it is unknown when that vote will be held.

In the Assembly The coalition of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a majority, who lifted his veto on Sweden’s accession in July after Stockholm took measures against certain Kurdish groups that Ankara considered as terrorists.

“We are happy to become a member country of the NATO“, highlighted the Swedish Foreign Minister, Tobias Billström, in statements to the SVT Nyheter chain.

With Hungary, Türkiye It is the last of the 31 member states of the NATO that has not ratified the accession of Sweden.

Ankara Ten months ago it multiplied the demands to accept its accession. At first, she subordinated it to the tightening of policies towards Kurdish refugees and, later, to American approval to sell her F-16 fighters.

Sweden presented his candidacy for the NATO at the same time that Finland (admitted in April) after the iRussian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Ankara had criticized the authorities of the Nordic country for their alleged leniency towards the Kurdish militants refugees in its territory, demanding the extradition of dozens of them.

“We observed a change in the sweden politicssome decisions taken by the courts,” Fuat Oktay, deputy of the AKP (the party in power) and president of the Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

“We still had some requests to continue moving forward” in the fight against terrorism, he added, without giving further details.

He Turkish parliament had begun in November the examination of the accession protocol of Sweden to the NATOpending since May 2022, but discussions have been postponed.

At the beginning of December, Erdogan added as a condition to ratify Sweden’s accession the “simultaneous” approval by the US Congress of the sale of F-16 aircraft to Türkiye.

Turkey seeks to obtain the US green light for the sale of the fighters, which it needs to modernize its air force.

He administration of President Joe Biden is not opposed to said sale, but the Congress blocked it until now for political reasons, such as human rights violations in Türkiye waves tensions with Greece.

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