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In the middle of the fashion imposed by two urban tribes, the emos and the punketos, that took place in dark environments, 15 years ago a movie which, thanks to its classic love story, developed in a gloomy and, at times, somewhat sad environment, managed to conquer the youth audience.

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Twilight premiered on November 17 in the United States and on the 21st in Mexico, it was the first installment of one of the most successful vampire sagas: the sum of the proceeds from all the films gives an approximate total of three thousand 377 million dollars.

The soundtrack This feature film was produced by Paramore, with its song Decode, as well as the bands Muse and Linkin Park who were very popular at that time. Afterwards, the music used in the following ribbons It was written and composed especially for each of the deliveries.

But what caught the young people the most was the forbidden romance between a human, Pretty and a vampire over 100 years old, edwardperformed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, respectively, who meet at school and who, little by little, create a bond so strong that it went beyond the screen. A third sought to conquer Pretty also, jacob (Taylor Lautner).

Pretty is he character protagonist, the book It is narrated in the first person and it is she who carries the common thread, she is the new girl in the city and who feels that she is not accepted; her when she meets Edwarddoes not know that he is a vampire and cannot stop the attraction he feels towards him.

The story directed by Catherine Hardwickeinspired by book eponymous written by Stephenie Meyer began to conquer the hearts of many 15 years ago.

To date, he has 33 awards and more than 15 nominations for Awards such as the Kids Choice Awards, the Grammys, Critics Choice Awards, the Academy Awards for Science Fiction Filmsn, Fantasy and Horror, among others. In terms of collection, it achieved a worldwide total of 408 million 430 thousand 415 dollars, according to information from Box Office Mojo.

Until before filming, Robert Pattinson was unaware of the existence of novels of Meyer, so he was immediately interested, one of the curiosities is that the protagonist moved to Oregon and started working on his character, both physically and mentally. He dedicated five hours a day to preparing for it, he learned to drive, fight and play soccer.

It was four years that the public enjoyed the romance between a human and a vampire; although later both were part of the same species. War between vampires, as well as the confrontation with the Wolfman. In reality, the protagonists became a couple a year after the premiere of Twilightending their romance in 2013.

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The popularity of the story continued even giving life to new ones. books by Meyer, thus leaving five films, the last divided into two to detail the end of the characters: New Moon (2009), Eclipse (2010), Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (2011) and Dawn Part 2 (2012), The latter was the highest grossing of all, reaching a total of 848 million 593 thousand 948 dollars worldwide.

After these installments, which were criticized for promoting unhealthy relationships between a couple, the writer and also producer, launched new posts based on these stories like The second life of Bree Tanner (2010) and Midnight Sun (2020).

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