Unicef ​​vehicle attacked at an Israeli military checkpoint in Gaza – El Sol de México

The UN agency for the protection of children, Unicef, reported this Thursday that one of its trucks was shot at while waiting to cross an Israeli military checkpoint in the Gaza Strip, although none of its workers were injured.

The incident occurred yesterday, Wednesday, at the designated waiting point for UN convoys traveling north of the enclave, near the Wadi Gaza military checkpoint.

“It was an armored vehicle, it was clearly identified as a UN vehicle, and we were in an area where we had been told to wait,” Tess Ingram, spokesperson for the organization, told EFE, who was inside the truck when it was hit by gunshots.

Three bullets hit the vehicle: two against the door of the seat where Ingram was sitting and one against the hood.

According to the spokesperson, the fire came from the Israeli military checkpoint, and seemed to be directed at a group of civilians who were in the convoy area, and who fled after the incident.

“There’s no way this should happen. We were very lucky that everyone was safe and unharmed,” Ingram explained.

The vehicle was part of a joint mission between Unicef ​​and UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, transporting food, medicine and fuel to power sanitation and running water systems in Jabalia, in the north of the Strip.

After the incident, the humanitarian workers decided that they wanted to continue with the mission, but it was impossible, as the Army kept them waiting at the checkpoint for more than two hours, and they finally had to return to Rafah.

The group will try to finish the mission during this weekend. “The biggest problem is that the children have not received the food and fuel to have clean water,” Ingram said.

In a message, one of the Unicef ​​spokespersons in New York, Ricardo Pires, said that this is the most serious incident that the agency’s workers have suffered during the war in Gaza.

EFE asked an Israeli military spokesperson about the event, but received no response. Nor has Unicef ​​yet received a response from the Israeli authorities after reporting what happened.

Pires explained that three international Unicef ​​workers were traveling in the convoy along with two Palestinian workers, in addition to two international workers from UNRWA and one Palestinian, and an international worker from the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS).

During the incident, another vehicle that was transporting fuel and was part of a World Food Program (WFP) convoy was also hit.

“Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident for humanitarian workers in Gaza,” said Pires, who stressed that the agency is completely unable to provide aid at the level needed in the enclave while the bombing continues and there are no security guarantees for its workers. workers.

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