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By Enrique López Aguilar

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality in women in the world. Today, survival depends on the stage at which it is diagnosed, as well as timely and precise treatment according to the biomarkers that these tumors present.

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) is at the forefront in this treatment modality called precision medicine, achieving high survival rates. However, the emotional impact on women is very high since it affects their femininity due to hair loss and often the loss of one breast or sometimes both.

In this sense, the IMSS, through the Oncology Care Coordination, began the “Weave your wings” support program for these patients, with the aim of empowering them, assisting them in the process and systematically informing them of procedures so that they can feel safe.

On October 27, this program officially began in the Oncology Care Coordination; Its benefit is for the beneficiaries of the Institute and the scope will be for all women diagnosed with breast cancer.

The program will be developed first in the IMSS Oncological Care Coordination and later in the High Specialty Medical Units (UMAE); It will begin with a pilot at the Oncology Hospital of the National Medical Center (CMN) Siglo XXI in Mexico City and will later be gradually implemented in the specialized medical units for the treatment of this type of cancer.

This program includes emotional support and a kit that contains a scarf that insulates your scalp, which becomes very sensitive due to chemotherapy. It also symbolizes self-love and recognizing that femininity in every woman goes beyond hair; It will serve to show its personality (choosing the color, way of placing it, etc.), in addition to providing comfort, since it is breathable and soft as it is made of bamboo; a blanket where certain elements are placed according to the experiences, especially during outpatient chemotherapy; a pencil with a QR, which when opened contains a manual with basic information about this disease, as well as a booklet where they can write their feelings.

This program includes support actions such as: orientation on prostheses, facial cleansing, training through workshops, aromatherapy and resilience, yoga classes, etc.

The Social Workers of each medical unit where breast cancer is treated will have the information available for beneficiaries to participate in this “Weave your wings” program.

With these actions, the IMSS, in addition to regulating medical care for patients through cutting-edge treatments, protocols and approval of procedures, adds support during the processes of chemotherapy, serum therapy and surgery.

IMSS Cancer Care Coordinator


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