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Following rumors and speculation of a possible change in the administration of Miss Universe MexicoYesterday it was announced that Cynthia de la Vegais the new director of the organization that was led by Lupita Jones for over 20 years.

Cynthia is originally from San Pedro, Monterrey, and from now on, she will be in charge of managing and directing the next Mexican representative in the 73rd edition of the beauty pageant that will be held in our country in 2024.

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The 32-year-old He has extensive experience in the world of modeling and beauty competitions; In 2008 she won Elite Model Look Mexico, in Sanya, China. In 2010 she was crowned Nuestra Belleza Nuevo León and in that same year she was recognized as Nuestra Belleza Mundo México, which gave her an automatic pass to participate in Miss World 2011.

It was during this competition that friction began between de la Vega and Jones, because former beauty queen 1991was removed from the competition due to “problems with his weight.”

Among Lupita’s arguments, she pointed out that Cynthia’s undisciplined attitude led her to be removed from the contest, since she did not comply with the activities on her agenda.

However, it was on social networks where de la Vega recounted “the abuse” she suffered from Lupita, who supposedly forced her to give up the competition.

After the controversy and although the discontent continued and was not clarified, the young model represented Mexico in Miss Supranational 2016, a competition in which she placed 13th.

Likewise, her career and experience led her to direct the Miss Nuevo León state pageant for seven years. Over time she developed her career as an influencer and businesswoman.

From his personal life, got married in 2019 with the television host Enrique Mayagoitia, who is now the owner of the Venga la Alegría program. Together they have two sons Enrique and Emmanuel.

De la Vega was announced director of the organization at a presentation conference held in Mexico City where Raúl Rocha Cantú, a businessman who will support the Miss Universe Mexico brand, and Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, owner of JKN Global Group and who bought the company, were present. Miss Universe organization last year.

It was reported that during her administration, Cynthia will be accompanied by a committee made up of people focused on beauty and with experience in these pageants, “so that everything does not fall on just one person.”

Lupita Jones talks about her departure on social networks

The first Mexican Miss Universe in history made a live video in which she spoke about her departure from the pageant.

“In recent months there have been many comments, I have been receiving many messages to clarify the situation. I want to tell you that, first of all, Miss Universe has not confirmed anything to me, although everything indicates that what is being said is true,” Jones said.

Likewise, he explained that he remained silent because he did not want to affect the participation of Melissa Flores in the last 72nd edition, held in El Salvador, “I wanted the attention to focus on her and not on what I said or what is passing with the license. The important thing was her tranquility and that she shine. “I was not interested in generating controversy or giving statements.”

He took the opportunity to send her a message, “Beautiful Melissa, I hug you with a lot of emotion and feeling. You are a queen who, in the face of adversity, has always shown your best smile and has never taken a step back. “I feel proud that a woman like you carries the name of Mexico on her chest,” she said.

“I hope things turn out positively, so that our country takes advantage of this opportunity to project itself worldwide with the best image, as has now happened in El Salvador,” he added.

Reactions to the appointment of Cynthia de la Vega

One of the people who spoke out against the removal of Lupita Jones from office was Sofia Aragon, who represented Mexico in Miss Universe 2019 where she was the second runner-up.

Aragón also had differences with Jones, since in 2020, he accused her of “denying him economic and emotional support during his preparation for the contest,” accusations, which Lupita denied.

In a video on social networks, the 29-year-old girl sent a hint to Lupita, after her dismissal was announced. “Karma is very powerful, let’s try to leave footprints and not scars, she said.

He continued, “I maintain that there were many mistakes, that hurt many people, including me, however I am of the idea of ​​leaving it there and turning the page.”

Likewise, he sent a message to the new organizing committee, “much success to the new organization.”

This act did not go down well with some Internet users who do not agree with Sofía’s comments, as they called her “ungrateful.”

“Lupita gave you the opportunity”, “learn from Ximena Navarrete and Andrea Meza”, “how ungrateful you are, Sofia, without that support, you would be nobody”, were part of the comments.

For its part; The organization on Instagram published a photograph of the new director with Raúl Rocha and Anne Jakrajutatip, “the beginning of a new era, a dream come true, where we will work hard to promote Mexican women,” the description reads.

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“Thank you to everyone who has trusted me and thank you for being part of this exciting journey of empowerment, inspiration and unforgettable moment…because now beauty has no limits,” the message continued.


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