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The triumph of the extreme right, this Sunday, in Argentina, turns on all the red lights: Javier Milei, in the name of freedom, is not only opposed to abortion but is ready to tear down gender politics, to tear down the scaffolding that Argentine feminists have been weaving for years, leaders of the green tide, the scarf, the violet of women’s freedoms, feminist criticisms of machismo and patriarchy.

The right turn in that enormous country is, without a doubt, a majority decision, sheltered by a patriarchal idea of ​​democracy. We should be concerned because populism is advancing, the hollow and systematic phrases against the press and the easy promises of prosperity.

Boss Freedom Advances, her electoral platform, leads an ultra-conservative trend that seems to be in the DNA of societies that have been unable to recognize the role, freedoms and even the economic contribution of women. In Mexico we ask to socially decriminalize abortion because on a daily basis it is denied to women. And this man, contrary to those freedoms, on the other hand, happily announced the free sale of weapons. Careful!

For this reason, what was said immediately by this historic election day. Congratulations to the president-elect.”

And although Gálvez Ruíz insists on not openly declaring herself right-wing, she said in an interview at the beginning of September: “I am not a married woman with a far-right agenda, I am a woman of freedoms.” I ask, why then this anticipated folly?

While in the world the reactions have been contradictory, there are simply “congratulations” for the Argentine electoral process, others, such as the Spanish far-right leader Santiago Abascal, congratulated Milei “for his great victory in the presidential elections because it opens a path for the future and hope for Argentines.” When its political current, Vox, maintains that feminism must disappear and that women, instead of seeking positions and political influence, should mend socks.

Gálvez Ruíz’s statements indicate that we are living in very difficult times for the advancement of women; It means that we lose to the populism of Andrés Manuel López Obrador and we lose to the Broad Opposition Front. We are left with no alternative.

This message from the pre-candidate could be understood in a political and electoral key. Is she thinking of attracting votes from ultra-conservative Mexico? The one that for a long time has sawed off the expansion of freedoms that we call gender.

We have just published a series on the exercise of the right to terminate a pregnancy, with testimonies that leave no doubt about what happens in real life, not in the law. Women faced with the refusal of ILE in public hospitals and among doctors who scare them; and that other official message of the poor first, as Lenin told Clara Zetkin in 1913: first the revolution and then the women.

We are trapped. Without a feminist social base, when it is immense in Argentina and was defeated. Just on September 28, it was said that women would prevent the triumph of Milei and the extreme right. We saw that it was not like that. It is time to take seriously the fight against the deep-rooted thinking of the 15th century, the fear of women’s development. Unfortunately, in December a new ultra-conservative male will be acting president. We will see.

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