Works of art under the sea? This is the reason why puffer fish draw on the sand – El Sol de México

Males of various species in the animal kingdom court with different techniques females before mating, as is the case of crabs, which show off their pincers to differentiate themselves from other males, or penguins, which emit a song and give a stone to choose their partner.

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In the case of japanese puffer fishelaborates for days a nest on the sand circular in shape that is very similar to a mandala, they even usually place pieces of shell on the edges to decorate it and to attract the attention of females.

This species of just 12 centimeters can take up to seven days to create, with the movement of its fins and tail, the nest that can sometimes exceed 12 centimeters.meters in diameter.

Pufferfish are very meticulous when forming these nests that look like works of art on the sand, because even if an algae or something else that could take away the harmony of their work falls on it, they take it with their wedding and remove it.

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Once the female observes the nest, She decides whether to mate and places her eggs in the center of the drawing on the sand.. If so, in a matter of seconds the female will place them in a quick movement that shakes up the sand and will be gone.

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Scientists still cannot discover what the females’ decision is based on or the reason why they build nests that way. In each mating season of the puffer fishthe males will repeat the ritual.

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