A 3rd season of the series with Tom Hiddleston would not be in Marvel’s plans

A Marvel series that has become much more popular these days is ‘Loki‘and its main protagonist the actor Tom Hiddlestonbecause after so long it seemed to be the light at the end of the tunnel regarding all the failures that the famous franchise has had.

However, the millions of fans of this series would be disappointed with information that has been widely disclosed so far, and that would put an end to all speculation that a third season could be seen in the future.

Although from the beginning it was noted that this series would only have 2 seasons, due to all the plot and emotion for the work done, fans of Marvel They wanted to see more of that, however, executive producer Kevin Wright noted in early October that ‘The two chapters (seasons) are from the same book, and in the second the story closes. There are already other stories to tell there, but they could be in other books‘.

Now another source has added more information that undoubtedly does not give any positive part, but rather makes it clear that another season is not planned in Marvel’s plans, and that is that the production’s chief scriptwriter, Eric Martinalso indicated that the work carried out was like the two halves of a book that was already finished.

The only thing that can be expected so far is that the world of ‘Loki’ and its star actor Tom Hiddleston appear in other series or films connecting various worlds, but only up to that point, because as already mentioned it seems that a 3rd season It is not in sight.

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