A royal biographer has made a powerful sermon about the two

A royal biographer, expert on royalty and called Hugo Vickershas made shocking predictions about the prince william and his brother, prince harry, about whom he assured really worrying facts. In an opinion that the royal expert gave to the media The reason Regarding the difficult moment that the royal family is going through due to Kate and King Charles’ cancer, he did not hesitate to refer to the brothers, children of Princess Diana.

He expressed, on the one hand, that the Prince of Wales He must be under great stress, since his father and his wife are receiving cancer treatment. In addition, like all heirs, he could be worried about not knowing when his time will come, since in a situation like this it could be in the blink of an eye.

With respect to prince harrynoted that he is sure that his wife, Meghan Markleis setting a trap for him where he is the victim, this being one of the most worrying opinions.

My sense is that he is terrified of her, but he is also terrified that he will lose. Let’s remember that she has a history of letting people fall for her, so he suspects that she will abandon him, although he shouldn’t worry, since her father has left the door open for him to return to the monarchy.

Last but not least, the writer of several books about the royal family is also concerned about the fact that there is currently a very small monarchy with very few members who could not cope with so many royal commitments.

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