Actor Rowoon’s 6 Most Famous K-Dramas That You Shouldn’t Miss

These are the 6 K-Dramas that you cannot miss by the renowned actor Rowoonan Idol who began his career after participating in the KPop music group, SF9and to this day he has shown that his talent in acting is something totally genuine.

1. ‘tomorrow‘: This production tells the story of a man who tries hard to look for work, but never gets it. After this, due to fate, he gets into an accident and meets the angels of death, who are on a special mission to save people who are trying to commit suicide, mysteriously he ends up involved there and with a contract.

2. ‘Extraordinary You‘: in this K-Drama the actor stands out for the adaptation and the sentimentality that he transmits to his character. His role is based on being a young student who finds himself living inside a comic strip, and who has some suitors around him.

3. ‘She would never know‘: reveals the story of the two protagonists, Yoon Song-ah and Chae Hyun-seung, two successful young people who keep each other company while working at a cosmetics company, and who begin to live an enviable romance, after feeling love at first view.

4. ‘The king’s affection‘: This production is based on the era of the Joseon dynasty, and tells the life of a woman who disguises herself as a man to be able to attend a university where they cannot, however, after being there, she meets a charismatic instructor and quickly begins an emotionally charged relationship with him.

5. ‘A predestined love‘: Rowoon, who plays Jang Shin-yu, is a lawyer who is in charge of a curse that will not end until an official who works in a prestigious company frees him, however, nothing will be easy because he ends up crossing your path with that person in a more loving way.

6. ‘The Matchmakers‘: is one of the actor’s latest productions. This tells the story of a widowed man who meets a woman who was recently widowed, and with whom he will undertake the challenge of committing four unmarried maidens to marriage.

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