ARMYs feel Jimin and Suga were totally ignored at the Billboard Music Awards

The ARMYs, fans of the group BTS, are a little dissatisfied after the famous awards Billboard Music Awards this year, the singers will be completely ‘ignored’ Jimin and suga who had a considerable number of nominations.

This Sunday night, November 19, many artists were honored and brought home awards as winners of the most important music awards, and among these many fans believed that some members of BTS would end up with some trophies, however, the story was very different and a little disappointing for them.

Although Suga had one nomination for best KPop touring artist, and Jimin had more than 3, the incredible thing was that neither of them won any awards. The only one of them who did receive his nomination for ‘Best Selling Song’ with his single ‘seven‘ it was JK.

Although the recognition of Jungkook It was very applauded and deserved, according to the followers, they also think that there was some type of rejection towards the other members, since Jimin became the most nominated Korean artist on Billboard and did not win any category.

How do you feel about this news?

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