Azealia Banks under fire after allegedly lashing out at BTS’s Jungkook

Recently, Azealia Banks has been the target of strong criticism for allegedly attacking Jungkook of bts In one of her Instagram stories, the controversy has only grown in recent hours and the rain of insults towards the American singer does not stop.

The artist published a story through her cosmetics profile on Instagram where she said “Now that we’re done pretending that Chris Brown isn’t the biggest artist of this decade, can we please tell those K-pop effeminates to get out of here with their ghost-white butts and their Michael Jackson-imitating choreographies? K-pop boy bands are just a bunch of little girls shaking their butts.“obviously the ARMY understood the imitation part as a clear reference to the choreography of ‘Stand Next To You‘ by Jungkook.

And since then, not only BTS fans have been lashing out and calling out racist and xenophobic to the American artist, but also to all K-Pop lovers, who felt offended by the strong words.

What do you think of all this? Do you think he really referred to Jungkook? Tell us in the comments.

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