BLACKPINK’s Jennie appears with a staff that raises more doubts about her future with YG Entertainment

The KPop Idol, Jenny of BLACKPINK In recent days she was seen at an event accompanied by a staff member who belonged to YG Entertainmentthis being a fact that created much more confusion regarding what the future of his artistic career will be, and the renewal of his contract with the agency.

On November 16, the artist attended the pre-opening of the store TAMBURINS in Korea, and although her beauty and presence did not go unnoticed, there was one fact that fans noticed a lot and it was the people who accompanied her and who are closely related to the agency that represented her.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of this month, Internet users reacted when Jennie’s managers left the company by producing negative news that they would no longer continue working with her. However, she was accompanied to this public event by two of them, hosup and Jaeminalso former managers of YG Entertainment, so the complicity of the 3 generated a bit of curiosity among Internet users to know what will happen to the singer’s future.

Some pointed out that this meeting could simply be a sign of the friendship that they still have, while others pointed out that it could mean that she would be planning to go to another company with them or even create a separate one. The curious thing and the part of tranquility for the BLINKS It’s just that it won’t be long before the whole truth of what’s happening can finally be revealed.

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