BLACKPINK’s Lisa Compares Solo Debut to Pregnancy

Recently, to celebrate the release of his album, Lisa of the renowned group BLACKPINK, made an appearance on the program Woody Show, which is almost a Thai legal version of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Where she made a comment that perhaps no one expected, since she compared her career as a soloist to a pregnancy process.

Excited, happy and proud were the feelings that the Thai singer most expressed when talking about her debut album, but she also revealed that with the release of «LALISA» had a very peculiar description. The host of the program, Woody, wanted to know a little more about her idol at the time of starting her career as a soloist, and first of all the singer revealed that, “It’s like being pregnant«, which surprised his host, who wanted to know the reason for this response.

The artist made this similarity, because she took around 6 months to prepare her debut song, and although this is not as long as a pregnancy, Lisa explained that for the album and main song it took a little longer to complete it. Furthermore, She insisted that everything had to be perfect, to the point that even her official video took several days of recording, since she did not want her fans to be disappointed with it.

For this reason, the star of BLACKPINK He said that his solo debut at that time was like a pregnancy, because “You will always know that you will give birth in nine months, but you don’t know for sure what day it will be exactly.and”. For several months the Idol was working to launch something incredible, but she never knew what day she would be able to show her excellent results to the fans.

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