BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s manager updated her LinkedIn profile that she no longer works for YG Entertainment

This November 13, a new controversy has just shaken the BLINKSand the manager of Lisa of BLACKPINK, Alice Kangrecently updated his LinkedIn profile, which shows that he no longer works for the record agency of YG Entertainmentthis of course alerted the entire Idol fandom, so they did not wait to demand an explanation of what was happening.

An informative update is necessary, since after the large amounts of rumors What has happened about the contractual situation of the girls of the K-pop girl group, many BLINKS have been anxious because now Lisa’s manager no longer appears as an employee of the company that owns BLACKPINK since October 2023, concluding her work after 5 years and 1 month.

This recent and unexpected news has caused curiosity and concern among fans, since this change in Alice Kang’s employment situation causes the doubts and concerns of the BLINKS to increase considerably, who have also already demanded YG Entertainment for a explanation clear and concise statement of this change in the group’s guidelines, considering that the female idol group is abruptly popular around the world, any change could be of great interest to the large fan base it has amassed all these years.

This sudden change of administrations could not only cause new rumors about Lisa’s contractual situation, but would also directly affect the trust that users place in the record agency, so it is expected that in the coming days the organization in charge of the girls , of a official statement explaining this situation.

How do you feel about this news?

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