BLACKPINK’s Rosé reveals she has a recent obsession with food

Rose of BLACKPINK She is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic and talented Idols in the music industry, and we must accept that she has one of the slimmest and best-cared for bodies of all, but can she always continue like this?

In a recent interview with W KoreaRosé revealed something that no one expected, and that is that she confessed that in recent weeks she has been feeling a strong taste for salty and spicy food, in the video (which you can see at the end of this article) published by the magazine in its channel of Youtubethey asked the singer if she followed any special diet before her photo shoots, to which Lisa responded:

«Of course, I configure my diet to a certain extent so as not to have problems with photo shoots. I really like spicy and salty food. But lately I’ve been triggered by the ‘huǒguō‘and just the night before I had an uncontrollable desire to eat it, but I managed to resist because of the photographs«, the ‘huǒguō’ or better known as the hot pot, is a set of meat and vegetable meals that are cooked in a boiling broth located in the center of a table, which are usually spread in mayonnaise-based sauces for their consumption.

He also said that he only ate huǒguō for three days in a row, and that he even ended up drinking all the broth. Many of his followers claim that eating this every day is not something very healthy for the body and less to maintain an outstanding body silhouette, since a large amount of calories and sauces are consumed. However, there is nothing we can do, since our favorite Idol undoubtedly deserves to eat what she likes the most without being judged.

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