BTS dance coach fired from HYBE after being accused of million-dollar fraud

The world of KPop is going through a lot of upheaval, and not only those involving BLACKPINK and their non-exclusive contracts, but also HYBErepresentative agency of BTS, which has recently made the decision to fire one of its staff, due to fraud involving a million-dollar figure.

On this November 20, the dance coach, who has worked with bts and is affiliated with HYBE, was fired, mainly due to allegations of fraud he had been carrying out for years totaling more than five billion won, which comes to a total of approximately four million dollars.

Right now, the dance coach will have to face criminal charges for said action, since the accusations are that the teacher collected these millionaire amounts of money from natural persons. under the guise of an alleged investmentbut he never returned the money or the supposed profits.

According to the medium Yonhap NewsHYBE made an official statement on the same day talking about the issue, where it stated that: «As soon as we learned of the misconduct of one of our workers and the harm it caused to the company and people, we quickly launched an investigation. And after passing the case through the Disciplinary and Personnel Committee, it was decided to fire the individual«.

Furthermore, HYBE has decided to file a criminal complaint with the police to make the dance coach pay for everything he caused, and for violate the different rules that prohibit this type of behavior. At the same time, the representative company will start some campaigns with people abroad to avoid some fraudulent actions and be able to mitigate this problem at its roots.

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