BTS’ Jungkook Ignores 2024 GRAMMYS Snub With Success Of Solo Debut

The popular Jungkookwas completely snubbed from the nominations for the next GRAMMYS 2024but the member of the famous South Korean group bts you can easily ignore that, thanks to the enormous success which has generated his musical debut as a soloist around the world.

Yesterday, the ARMY BTS was really surprised to see that Jungkook didn’t receive a single award nomination GRAMMYS 2024. Predictions indicated that his single ‘Seven’ in collaboration with the American rapper Lattowould manage to get several nominations, but the reality has been different.

Jungkook received zero GRAMMYS nominations, despite the great success of his solo debut.

And the massive success of the song and the other singles from Idolhave not been enough to capture the attention of the Hrabación Academy, who once again plays the trick on a member of bangtan.

However, the Golden Maknae You can easily ignore that disappointment, as your 2023 year has been defined by one word: Success. Jungkook has broken up numerous records and the recent release of his solo album ‘GOLDEN’, is clear proof of his power in the kpop scene.

Meanwhile, there is no doubt that Jungkook of bts He is not going to give much importance to the fact that he has not received a single nomination for the GRAMMYS 2024. The support of his fans is something more important, and in that, the famous artist stands out like no other South Korean soloist.

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