BTS’ Suga’s The Movie Reaches No. 2 at US Box Office Premiere

The release of the documentary suga of btsD-Day Tour: The Movie‘, has been named as a success after it reached the #2 opening at the box office in the United Statesto the point of quickly selling out the tickets for said installment, demonstrating its popularity in the American country and its great musical talent.

This production shows a window into what happened on Suga’s 2023 solo tour, before his military enlistment begins, giving all ARMYs a different behind-the-scenes perspective and including some exciting cameos from his bandmates such as RM, Taehyung and Jimin.

According to the latest figures shared by Box Offices Mojothe film ranked second at the United States box office and grossed $961,015 on its opening day, second only to the iconic film ‘Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire‘, but that fact does not take away the merit of the Idol delivery of accumulating $2,200,950 at the worldwide box office.

Suga began the solo tour in the United States because he felt confident that he has a large number of fans in the American country, this being another reason why his music documentary has been such a success. Directed by Park Jun Soo; with a duration of 90 minutes and, according to fans, this installment is ‘a work of art‘.

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