BTS’ V surprises the ARMY with an unexpected hair look

In the world of KPop and celebrities V of bts He has been one of the big stars, he has had different looks since his debut and throughout his career, having his hair red, blue and even blonde, which has been the last look the singer has seen, and today the Idol has surprised her fans with another new look of her hair that has delighted her fans.

For this November 13, V from BTS had a surprise prepared for the entire ARMY, as he decided to try something new on his hair. The Idol shared on his social networks a new hairstyle that captivated everyone, because the Idol, in addition to wearing his favorite t-shirt, appeared with some long locks in his hair and huge blonde hair that fell beyond his shoulders, something never before seen or worn by the South Korean singer.

When this photo was shared, Internet users and their fans were delighted with V from BTS’s new hairstyle, as it looked very different from what we were already used to, and as expected, many assumed that it was a simple wig despite that the roots of his hair combined perfectly with the features of the South Korean singer.

Taking advantage of the opportunity and BTS’s V’s new hairstyle, the ARMY took the opportunity to remember when Jimin of BTS also used this type of Look to surprise his fans, making them laugh with his long black locks that came out of his head.

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