BTS’s Jungkook ‘criticizes’ unexpected ARMY reaction at recent event

The KPop Idol, Jungkookrecently attended the pre-recording of what was his performance at the M Countdown, an event where he performed his recent song ‘Standing Next To You‘ which is included on their album ‘Golden’.

At the event, the Idol was applauded by many of his fans, the ARMYHowever, he could not help but make a ‘criticism’ with his gestures, after they were unexpectedly related to an act that could be considered something very normal.

It all happened in the middle of the presentation and the talk that the BTS singer had with his followers, to whom he gave an expensive perfume that included small pieces of 24-karat gold, and although everything was going well, there was a moment that made the Golden Maknae made some gestures of criticism at his followers, after they shouted in fanaticism while he drank a sip of water.

And the simple action that caused a state of frenzy in his fans could not prevent Jungkook from performing some actions on his face as a confusion for the moment lived.

You can see the details in the video next:

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