BTS’s Jungkook uses these lip balms to have soft and hydrated lips

Nowadays it is normal for celebrities to use beauty cosmetics so that their appearance can look much more stylized, and Jungkook of bts is no exception, since Idol himself has previously made it clear that he uses a few products to keep his skin and especially his lips, well hydrated and very soft.

Many will think that these cosmetics are really difficult for ordinary people to acquire, but the truth is quite the opposite, since the artist uses products that have very affordable prices, such as balm Vaseline Lip Care Rosy of Nivea or the Fruity Peach Shine Lip Balmwhich help maintain shine and excellent aesthetics on the lips and that the Idol has been using for several years.

He ARMY He constantly wonders what the secrets are of why his favorite singers always shine wherever they go, and because they are extremely famous, he often thinks poorly about the things they buy, and the most expensive is not always the best, since in this case, these products can be obtained for less than 5 dollars in any botany or beauty store around the world.

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