BTS’s RM makes a surprise ‘appearance’ at another artist’s concert

The fans of bts were finally heard when it was requested that the member RM was present at a concert by a renowned artist. Although the singer has been very busy and his work schedule includes many personal and professional events, after becoming a soloist, this was not an impediment for him to be seen ‘attending’ a massive event.

The band that performed at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival Last November 12th was balming tigerwho collaborated with RM on the song ‘Sexy Nukim’ that was released a year ago, and who impressed the public not only with their performances on stage, but also because they heard the pleas that the ARMY, BTS fans, had made.

The event occurred because among the songs that the group played was ‘Sexy Nukim‘, however, to make it more special and realistic, they placed a video recorder with which the BTS member could be observed while he sang his part and lip-synced with the song.

As soon as the attendees who were there and who were BTS fans noticed the fact, they could not hide the surprise and pride of knowing that their favorite artist was taken into account for the presentation. However, they also demanded that the display used be able to be accommodated to be able to appreciate everything with superior quality.

So far the singer’s surprise appearance has caused all kinds of comments on social networks, causing RM himself to share the publication on his social networks.

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