Christmas is approaching and this will be the menu that Queen Letizia will prepare for this occasion

Christmas is one of the most important festivities around the world, which is celebrated by the most common families even by those who belong to royalty. Every year, the Queen Letizia is in charge of carrying out the design of this festivity in your home, accompanying the dinner with an incredible menu that someone has recently leaked.

For Queen Letizia of Spain, this could be one of the most important Christmases of all, since the queen’s young daughters, who are outside the Iberian country fulfilling their responsibilities, will attend the Zarsuela Palace. Princess Eleanor could return from the Military Academy of Zaragoza and the princess sofia She would return from her studies in Wales, and Queen Sofia will also be present for this occasion.

As expected, the royal family will organize an intimate family dinner, leaving aside the public festivities or those with many people that usually take place on those types of days. According to a source close to Spanish royalty, Queen Letizia has prepared a nutritious and slightly caloric menu as usual for Christmas, which contains turkey stuffed with vegetables, smoked salmon, seafood pudding, Iberian ham, foie, and for The dessert would have a delicious Christmas sweet made with fruits and coffee-flavored ice cream ready.

Without a doubt, this will be a great holiday for Queen Letizia, who will have to get used to celebrating this way from now on, because as time goes by, her daughters and her family are having greater responsibilityand different paths.

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