Could King Charles III, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spend Christmas together?

After all the controversies that the king Charles III with his son, prince harrymany followers of the British Crown have been wondering if the two of them and the prince’s current partner, Meghan Markle, could meet to celebrate one of the most important dates of the year, Christmas.

The publication of the book of memoirsSpare‘Earlier this year brought with it some controversies for the British royal family, as acts that were unknown to the public were revealed. And although several months have passed since that occasion, to date the differences between this family have not been smoothed out, which is why the British people hope that the end of the year will be the best opportunity for this.

Renowned British media have pointed out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle They intend to spend Christmas at Sandringham, with their two young children, however, so far the king has not sent them an official invitation.

However, according to confidential information that reached the media The Timesit is stated that if an invitation is sent from the Buckingham Palace They would be willing to go, for now we have to wait for more information about it.

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