Disney and Pixar humiliate conservative audiences with the trailer for ‘Inside Out 2’

The producers disney and Pixar They are very excited about their new project that will see the light of day next year. ‘Inside Out 2’ has finally been confirmed with the premiere of its official trailer, which has served to make a tremendous humiliation to the conservative publica sector that in the last year has been very critical of both companies for their “inclusion” movements.

Despite having a bad year at the global box office, Disney continues to work hard for its future releases. One of them is ‘Inside Out 2’, whose first official trailer has arrived in a very positive way for the company, directly mocking all the attacks and ridicule that the conservative public had against its firm.

The first trailer for ‘Inside Out 2’ shows that Disney will continue to be very successful

In just three days, the trailer of this new film has already accumulated more than 170 million views in the platforms and social networks from around the world, thus becoming the Disney trailer that has reached that figure the fastest.

With this incredible advance, it is known that Disney will have a year 2024 very fruitful, since this film promises to completely sweep the local and global box office. In addition, it could also enjoy enormous critical success as its first installment did in 2015, which led it to win the Oscar award for “Best Animated Film.”

The success that this film will have will only confirm the important position it has. disney and its subsidiary Pixar in the entertainment industry. And although the conservative sectors continue creating campaigns against both companies, their hegemony will remain intact.

«We are very pleased that so many people wanted to see the trailer for ‘Inside Out 2’. When the first movie came out, we knew that by telling a story where we could see our emotions (those little voices inside our heads) there would be so much to explore that we couldn’t summarize it in a movie,” he explained. Pete Docterdirector of the film in a statement from Disney.

In ‘Inside Out 2’ there will be new emotions.

disney will premiere ‘Inside Out 2’ on June 14, 2024. Its premiere in Latin America It is not yet confirmed, but it is believed that it could be the same date as in North America.

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