Disney, Warner and other large companies suspend their advertising on X for this reason

Recently, several leading companies in the industry have begun to suspend their advertising activities on the social network of xafter this week, apparently the billionaire owner of the platform Elon Muskan anti-Semitic conspiracy theory will publicly demonstrate empathy.

And as we all know, the policies and regulations of most companies and large organizations have strict measures against racism and xenophobia. As reported Cnn in Spanishseveral American news media confirm some of the most important profiles that have withdrawn from massive advertising on the social network, among which are, disneyWarner, IBM, Lionsgate, Paramount and even Apple.

Of course, this means millions lost for the X platform, which raised major doubts about the future profitability of the social network. Even Some IBM ads were reported to be posted next to pro-Nazi content.which the company was quick to express publicly as unacceptable.

«IBM has zero tolerance against all discriminatory or hate speech, for this reason all advertising in X has been suspended indefinitely, until this entire situation is clarified, which is completely unacceptable«.

What do you think about everything that is happening? Do you think that more prestigious firms and organizations will begin to avoid distributing their advertising through X? Tell us your opinions in the comments.

How do you feel about this news?


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