Esports player Keria only dreams of meeting NewJeans

Recently, the famous South Korean group NewJeans gained a lot of attention after Keriaan electronic game player and member of the T1 team, showed his enormous fanaticism towards the girl group and shouted their name after they secured their place in the finals of the Esport world championship.

Everything came to light when on November 12, T1 beat JDG in the semifinal game in a hard and long game of League of Legends, being in the midst of the euphoria of beating the rival team, Keria shouted “Here I come NewJeans«, and while they were interviewing him he also danced to the song «OMG«, showing that he really is a big fan.

All this reaction became viral on social networks because, as was already known, the girl group will officially present itself at the 2023 Esports world final in the opening ceremony, because they are the official performers of this championship. , which will give an opportunity to the partner of Faker to be close to the girls and perhaps fulfill his dream of getting to know them up close.

In a recent interview, the member of T1 revealed that he vowed to beat each of his competitors to take advantage of this opportunity to meet NewJeans, since he won’t have to get a ticket to their next concert. Likewise, he declared that he has all his merchandise and that on November 19, when he has them nearby, he will see if he has the opportunity to have them sign it, as it would be a great achievement for him.

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