Fans love how BTS’s Jungkook gave orders to his bodyguards

It is a secret to no one that Jungkook of BTS is one of the greatest musical artists in the entire world, since with their recently released album called «GOLDEN«, the Idol has managed to position itself in the best positions on the lists with the most views around the world, but it is all due to its excellent work.

Since the release of his album, Jungkook has been in the United States making different surprise presentations and finishing them off for all his fans, giving an incredible show in Times Square in New York, as happened a couple of days ago, this being a kind of farewell to the Big Apple that received him in the best way.

After his unexpected shows, Jungkook returned to South Korea, drawing the attention of everyone present at the airport where he was received by a crowd of fans, so the idol’s security was stricter than expected, and although they could not approach or interact with the singer, many fell in love with how the Idol orders his security group to protect him.

In some videos uploaded to social networks, Jungkook opens his arms and then brings them towards his body, to let his guards know to be closer to him to feel more protected and safe. Although one might think that his fans would be upset by this act and by not interacting with them, the opposite happened, as they were delighted with the artist’s gestures.

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