Firefighters sprayed fans with water at Taylor Swift’s concert in Brazil today due to high temperatures

On November 17, Taylor Swift became a trend, but unfortunately it was due to an unfortunate cause where one of his fans lost her life while she was enjoying her performance at the concert in the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, apparently due to the high temperatures that were being experienced. condensing among the thousands of spectators, who were too close together under a strong wave of heat.

Well, this November 18, the city’s emergency services decided to use fire trucks to spray the entire crowd of Taylor fans with the intention of keeping them hydrated and with a stable temperature.

However, among the praise for this action, there were hundreds of Internet users who continued to highlight the unfortunate death of the woman, saying that spraying the crowd with water was not an excuse to solve the lack of organization and response of those responsible for the action on November 17.

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