Former Fifth Harmony member criticizes King Charles III for showing support for Israel

Recently, the king Charles III He demonstrated his support for Israel in the current war in the Middle East, which has caused a wave of strong criticism of the British crown, where even many English citizens have called him cynical.

On November 7, the monarch gave his first speech before parliament, where he condemned the “horrible acts» of terrorism that have been perpetrated against the people of Israel, thus evidencing their clear support for the Jewish state, which would end up enraging millions of people, among whom is one of the former members of the group Fifth Harmony, Lauren Jaureguiwho totally condemned the support of the royal figure.

«You can’t be thanking His Majesty for moral clarity, when he is sitting on a throne stained with blood and stolen treasure, and referring to the colonial project, that the colonists are being victims of “barbarism”, while the people They are being massacred by those same “victims”, you are disgusting and heartless.«Lauren responded to the post made by Arsen Ortrovsky.

On the other hand, thousands of users agreed with Jauregui’s words, rejecting the genocide that the Israeli armed forces are perpetuating in Gaza, “And this jerk calls himself an ‘international human rights lawyer,’ the joke tells itself », «What a disgusting guy, and that cheap king couldn’t be more irrelevant», «I’m not surprised coming from the monarchy that has spilled the most blood on foreign soil», «Sickly and inbred king who is preserved only because he is decorative and attracts tourism. His words mean nothing.” These were some of the comments that they hate the support of King Charles III towards Israel.

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