Gerard Piqué mocks Shakira after her victory at the Latin Grammys 2023

The former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, has once again mocked the statements from his ex-partner, the Colombian singer, dancer and composer Shakirawho is currently in Spain to begin the trial that the justice of that country has against him for the tax evasion scandal.

On Thursday, the awards were held Latin Grammys 2023 from Seville, Spain. Over there, Shakira managed to win three awardsincluding the ‘Song of the Year’ category with its controversial session with Bizarre ‘Music Sessions Vol 53’, a song where he openly attacked Piqué.

At the ceremony, the ‘Monotonía’ interpreter gave a speech after winning the aforementioned category, where I once again sent harsh attacks against his ex-partnermaking it clear that, although she says that she has already overcome what is happening, the reality is quite the opposite.

Shakira posing for the camera with her three gramophones won at the Latin Grammys 2023.

«I want to dedicate this award to my children, Milan and Sasha, the artist began, «because I have promised them that I will be happy. I have promised them that they are going to have a mother who is going to laugh with all her laughter, they deserve it,” said the Colombian in her speech. Then, she assured that she “will leave the past behind and start thinking about what is coming for her future”:

«So, from now on, I’m thinking about what’s to come, about the songs I’m going to write, about the tours I’m about to do, about the audience I’m going to share with. Because, as a friend mentioned, there is nothing in the past, only the future is remembered.

Shakira with her children at the Latin Grammys 2023.

After these new statements of the star, Piqué has reacted to the moment with his friend Ibai Llanos in a live broadcast on Twich, talking about the importance of mental health today and clearly mocking the attacks of the mother of his two children.

«What you have to do, and in the end we talk now about the whole mental issue, about the young people, who rise… Oh, there is a pressure brutal to this whole new generation to what they will say about him, to social networks, to instagram, pretending to be something you are not. The only thing I want and what matters to me is for my parents to feel proud, for my children to feel proud of me and for my people around to feel proud, I don’t care about the rest,” the Catalan emphasized.

For Piqué, Shakira is already something that is not among the things that matter to him.

The former footballer Barcelona Fc has once again evaded the attacks that Shakira does against him. For Gerard Piqué, giving importance is only summed up to the people who really interest him; and his ex-partner, on that list, is no longer included.

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