‘Heartstopper’ star Bradley Riches announced his engagement to his partner with an emotional message

heartstopper‘was one of the most popular series of Netflixachieving an incredible number of viewers and fans in a very short time, undoubtedly one of the productions that has managed to boost the acting careers of several characters in its cast, such as Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Bradley Richesamong others.

Now, the interpreter of James McEwanhas shared incredible news that has left her followers completely moved, and the star published an emotional message through her social networks announcing her engagement to her partner, Johnstonwho proposed earlier this week while they were in Sorrento, Italy.

In Riches’ publication you can see a series of Photographs of him and his boyfriend hugging and kissing while they are inside a heart made of rose petals, with an incredible landscape of the Italian coasts in the background, it was a dream proposition!

In the description, the actor wrote: “I never believed I could find someone who understood me and loved me for who I am. It has always been difficult for me to connect my emotions in relationships and then it came @scottjohnston1.8. I felt safe and accepted and, most importantly, loved“. Words that filled his fans with emotion, who did not hesitate to wish him the best.

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