Hyunjin from Stray Kids and NingNing from aespa surprise everyone with their dance steps

Just a couple of hours ago, the VERSACE duo, hyunjin by Stray Kids and NingNing from aespa, became trends on social networks and in the world of KPop after both appeared in a striking video showing their best dance moves.

For this December 29, 2023, the official account of the renowned group aespa shared for their millions of followers a video of Hyunjin and NingNing moving their hips to the song ‘Drama’. As expected, the member of Stray Kidsperformed each of the movements perfectly, but the most striking thing was that they were both dressed very similar, with matching suits of the same color.

The famous ambassadors of VERSACE They have shown to have a very close friendly relationship, and not only in the brand’s promotional events, and this recent dance challenge confirms it, causing fans of both groups to start rumors of a possible romance between them.

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