I don’t think I’m writing this

The sudden death of Taylor Swift fan, Ana Benavides, who unfortunately died after suffering cardiorespiratory arrest due to the heat wave in Brazil, has caused all kinds of comments. According to Brazilian firefighters, more than 1,000 fans who were waiting to live the best night of their lives, suffered terrible moments of desperation.

And even the singer Taylor Swift He had to leave the stage to cool off a little, since according to social media the temperatures reached 62 degrees, which means that the heat was extremely supernatural. Therefore, upon learning what had happened, the artist had nothing but words of sadness and amazement at seeing what had happened.

‘I can’t believe I’m writing these words, my heart is still destroyed because we lost a fan tonight before my show. I can’t even reveal how devastated I am by this, I don’t have much information yet, I just know that she was very beautiful and young. I won’t be able to talk about this on stage as I feel so overwhelmed with grief, but I want to say right now I am deeply sorry for this loss and my broken heart goes out to her family. Truly, it was the last thing I thought about when I decided to take this tour to Brazil.

The young woman’s friends, family and hundreds of fans have been moved by what happened and have expressed their regret and condolences through social networks.

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