It is reported that SM Entertainment could debut a new K-Pop girl group this summer and it worries fans

SM Entertainment has been in a quite complicated situation for fans, who through social networks have been sharing their concerns regarding the latest reports from the Korean entertainment media, where they claim that the record agency, owner of several popular music groups K-Pop as aespa, Red Velvet, SHINee either NCT, could be planning the debut of a new girl band for this summer.

And several Internet users have adopted a realistic position regarding these reportsensuring that this was something hard to believesince according to the same users, the agency has a lot of work to do with its current groups.

Serve existing groups first!“, “they can’t manage aespa anymore RIIZE appropriately, and now they’re coming out with another new band?“, “before the new aespa? album comes out, I can’t believe it“, “they have to focus on Red Velvet“, “Another group with excessive members?“were some of the comments that showed the concern of the fans.

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