It is revealed that SEVENTEEN sold more albums in its first week than Taylor Swift with ‘The Tortured Poets’

Recently, fans of SEVENTEEN have begun to debate with the followers of Taylor Swift through social networks after it was revealed that the popular idol band currently managed to sell more albums than the Pop superstar, and apparently there is an “unethical” reason behind it.

Taylor Swift is without a doubt the most listened to Pop artist today, and according to Billboard had a more than excellent performance in sales with his recent album ‘The Tortured Poets‘, 1.91 million physical units in its first week is something exceptional, however, according to data from Hanteo Chartsthis is nothing compared to the sales recorded with ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN‘ which with 5.09 million copies managed to become the top seller in the K-Pop industry.

A recognition that some CARATS (SEVENTEEN fans) have been very proudly comparing Taylor Swift’s sales, and this is where the Swifties (Taylor Swift fans) decided to reveal the reasons for this fact.

“It is obvious that they will sell more, since fans buy the albums in droves just for the stamps, not even for their music”, “at least you don’t see Taylor’s records piled up in the streets like garbage”, “you will never see a vinyl record in the trash”, “polluting the streets with so much garbage is unethical, they should do something with this”, were some of the comments of the users.

And if you didn’t know, the albums of most K-Pop bands not only come with the album with the music, but also several cards and Photographs collection of their Idols, which explains why each fan does not buy just one unit, something that does not happen with the albums of the western artists.

But is there anything wrong with a person wanting to support their favorite artist by purchasing multiple units of the same album? Well, this is a question that can no longer be easily answered due to the negative impact what it has on an environmental level, since the followers of K-pop bands, mostly of Asian origin, throw away all these albums along with their records and other packaging in the streets, once they have taken the photographs or stamps of collection.

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