James Cameron shares new details about ‘Avatar 3’

Avatar‘is one of the most successful sagas in cinema, and James Cameronhas been delighted to continue expanding this epic science fiction plot, which has led to generating billions of dollars, and with this motive behind it, it has already been announced that ‘Avatar 3‘ will arrive in theaters very soon, and now its director has provided new details that clarify some doubts about what the next installment of this sensational film will be.

Regarding its release date, this has been modified several times due to past strikes and turbulence that shook the film industry in hollywoodbut James Cameron does not lose faith and hopes that the film will hit the big screen in December 2025, or at least that is what he made known in an interview with New Zealand television, he also revealed that the post-production of ‘Avatar 3 ‘continues to move forward without problems.

Among these details, there is one quite interesting one, and that is that as James said, the narrative point of view of this new installment will not focus on Jake like the two previous films, but in his son Lo’akand with this we can deduce that the main protagonist would change completely, he also confessed that he is working on new species of Na’vi, introducing the people of fire, an aggressive community that will be a key point in this renewed plot.

On the other hand, fans of this story continue to wait to learn more about Avatar’s cinematic lore and what monstrous creatures will appear in the new fire biome.

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