Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck reappear together and show that they have a nice relationship

The ex-marriage formed by the actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleckthey were seen together again today, while they were on a walk in California, USA. There, they demonstrated again that they both have a very nice relationship, despite the fact that the Oscar-winning actor is married to the singer and actress. Jennifer Lopez.

During a recent encounter on the streets of Santa Monica, in California, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been seen sharing together again. On this occasion, the meeting of both was captured by photographers or so-called paparazzi, who captured the actors while they remained on public roads outside of a car.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner captured in California.

Jennifer is seen wearing sunglasses and a black jacket, while appearing to be holding something in her hands. ben For his part, he had a blue jacket, beige pants and casual sneakers.

He ex marriage they are has seen them together on several occasionsmost of the time with their two children, since they are the ones who mostly make them share moments as if they were still married.

The former couple maintains a good friendship.

These meetings only confirm how well both stars get along, despite the fact that they are already dating other people. Affleck, for his part, is living a very happy stage in his life. marriage with “The Diva of the Bronx”who also gets along very well with her husband’s ex-wife.

On Jennifer Garner’s side, the artist She has had a romance with businessman John Miller since 2018, who, by the way, also gets along very well with Ben and his stepchildren.

«Jen always brings out the best version of John, and he is probably being happier than he has ever been. “It’s a nice and very loving relationship,” a source told U.S. Weekly.

Both actors were very happy sharing together.

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