Jimin from BTS becomes the inspiration of a popular actress when creating her comics

Recently, a popular actress who took to the social network Instagram has become a trend among ARMYS, after having revealed that Jimin from BTS is his total inspiration to do one of the arts that he likes to do the most.

Aric Muñoz, is a popular singer and actress of Filipino nationality who has been a faithful fan of BTS for a long time and who on multiple occasions showed her appreciation for Jimin. Sometimes this artist dedicates gifts to the boyband member to honor him on her birthday, and one of this has been her project «Jimin Park«, created in 2020.

The actress is a faithful defender of environmental movements and recently collaborated with the Philippine Department of Environment, creating the characters minji and ChimChim«The defenders of the earth«, for one of his comics, which he shared with his followers through Instagram.

In the caption, the actress mentioned that these characters were inspired by Jimin and one of the members of BT21 called Chimmy, since for her they have been two particular characters that have helped her in life on different occasions, and she only does this as a way of gratitude.

The goal of his comic is to educate younger children about how to reduce plastic waste, to reduce the negative environmental impactwhich is one of the main problems in this 21st century, in addition this animated comic is distributed in public schools in the Philippines in order to contribute a small grain of sand to the youngest.

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