Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga unleash a wild romance in the impressive official trailer

Yesterday the premiere of trailer official of ‘joker 2‘, where its protagonists Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga They have left a completely wild romance that has completely shocked the fans of the iconic DC villain, whose release in theaters will be this year.

The guason (Arthur Fleck) returns once again to the big screen with the help of its impressive interpreter Joaquin Phoenix (who already won the oscar for “Best Actor” for this role), and who in this second part conspires with Lady Gaga as the equally twisted harley Quinn.

The first official trailer shows us how both criminals They fall madly in love after a chance meeting in the hallways of the school. prison. There they plan to free themselves from their straitjackets to conquer the world beyond their cells.

This action takes them to the streets of Gotham Citywhere they dance and spin around the city like crazy.

In this trailer it shows how the deranged couple becomes involved in a completely wild love and crazy that has surprised millions of fans around the world.

“I’m nobody. “I haven’t done anything with my life like you,” he tells her. harley quinn to the joker while she is dressed in a sweatshirt and makes a gesture with her finger, in which she simulates shooting herself in the head.

And you, did you like the official trailer for ‘joker 2‘?

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