July 5: Ulyanin Day, a holiday for workaholics and a time for dates

July 5 is the 187th day of a leap year. It’s time to make a date with your significant other and look for the moon in the night sky. But you definitely shouldn’t bury yourself in work. At least if you follow the traditions of July 5. What holiday falls on this date? What can and can’t be done to attract good luck? We’ll tell you about this and much more in our article.

Holidays on July 5, 2024
First of all, let’s talk about international holidays on July 5, 2024. All over the world, they celebrate the unofficial but popular Workaholic Day. The holiday originated in the USA. Its purpose is to draw attention to the problems of workaholics.

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People who have made their career the meaning of their lives do not always pursue success. Often they use work as a way to escape from reality, to boost their self-esteem, and even to punish themselves. So the holiday of July 5th serves as a reminder that work is only a part of life, not the whole of life.

It is impossible not to mention the national holidays on July 5, 2024:




Armenians celebrate Constitution Day;
In Turkmenistan, this is the Day of Judicial Workers;
Algeria, Venezuela and Cape Verde celebrate Independence Day;
For residents of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, this is Cyril and Methodius Day;
Argentines celebrate Children’s Day.
Ulyanin Day is a holiday on July 5 in Russia
In Russia, July 5 is the holiday of Ulyanin Day. The Christian Church remembers the martyr Juliana. Together with her husband and son, she accepted a martyr’s death for her faithfulness to Christ’s teaching.

The name Iuliania was shortened to Ulyana by the people, and the holiday on July 5 was called Ulyanin’s Day. It is interesting that it follows Ulyanov’s Day (July 4). Both holidays have a special meaning for lovers. They are connected with the legend about a shepherd named Ulyan and his beloved Ulyana. The lovers arranged to meet each other in a meadow, but missed each other on the way and never saw each other.

In memory of this legend, July 5th became Valentine’s Day. This is the best time to make a date with your significant other. And it is also worth taking a walk in nature : according to the sign, good luck awaits those who walk.

July 5 – Ulyanin’s Day
Photo: Sergey Lantyukhov/NEWS.ru
July 5 – Ulyanin’s Day
Signs for July 5: what can and cannot be done
In Russia, the holiday of July 5th is surrounded by signs and beliefs. A good sign is considered to be:

clean wells – well water acquires healing properties;
collect bathing grass, or cat’s sleep – bath brooms made from it are considered to have a healing effect;
steam in a bathhouse with your significant other – the union will be strong.
On Ulyanin’s Day, you can take on important tasks, but only after midday. According to popular belief, things will not go well in the morning. It is also not recommended to spend money unwisely. This will lead to problems not only in finances, but also in relationships.

On July 5, 2024, it is worth observing nature. It will tell you what to expect from the weather in the future:

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