Kate Middleton dazzles with her military-inspired look at the tribute to Remembrance Sunday

The princess Kate Middleton once again she attended an event that she has not missed since she was together with Prince William, and that pays tribute to the millions of soldiers who served society in the post-war years. Although her presence in itself is already an act that generates a lot of admiration, the princess has decided to wear a look with which she demonstrated that she is very attached to the cause.

The princess and the queen Camilla Parker They were watching the event from the balcony of the Foreign Office on Remembrance Sunday, looking directly at London’s war memorial, the Whitehall Cenotaph.

The look she used dazzled the members and Internet users who were able to see the photographs, as required by protocol, Kate Middleton was wearing black, showing mourning for the deceased and their relatives, however, she did not want to be only with this, because he wore a coat that had a typical military appearance, with shoulder pads and a rigid structure, a garment from the French designer Catherine Walker.

In his accessories he paid tribute to the Queen isabel II, with clover-shaped earrings and pearls. Also on her coat was the symbol with which she shows respect to the soldiers who fell in the wars of the United Kingdom, and which is made up of red flowers known as poppies. In previous years she only chose to wear one, but this year she has worn 3, one followed by the other.

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