Kate Middleton is once again the most popular member of the monarchy after the announcement of her cancer

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has once again become a member of the British royal family most popular in the Kingdom United. This has come just after the announcement of his cancer, news that has shocked and worried much of British civil society.

According to the new survey carried out by the firm YouGov, the Princess of Wales is currently the most popular royal member and loved in the UK.

76% of Brits have a “vision positive” about the future queen consort, being an increase of 6% compared to the previous year.

Her husband, the prince williamis in second position with a positive rating of 73%, while the princess anne It occupies third place with a 71% positive rating from the public.

The announcement of cancer has caused a large part of the public to show even more interest in Kate Middletonwho asked the population to maintain a certain discretion and respect the privacy that she and her family wish to have in these difficult times that, without a doubt, generate great concern among her followers.

The signature YouGov interviewed 2,004 adults in the United Kingdom on April 2 and 3.

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