Kate Middleton would have been diagnosed with another illness apart from cancer

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton You are going through one of the most difficult and challenging times of your life. The cancer diagnosis came as a surprise, but this entire situation would have exposed her to others. health problems that according to the press in their country, would be taking a toll in the process of their recovery.

As revealed by several sources close to the royals in ‘The Mirror’, the Wale’s princess would have been diagnosed with anxietycaused by all the stress caused by the diagnosis of his cancer and the conspiracy theories about his whereabouts.

Tub Brownformer director of ‘Vanity Fair’, told the aforementioned media that a series of preparations and discussions have been unleashed on the possibles scenarios that could arise in the near future, since Kate’s situation warrants it.

“The perspective of this fact, as I have been informed, is causing intense anxiety, which complicates your health”, he asserted.

The scenario that the Princess of Wales faces is somewhat complicated, since her role within the british monarchy It is very important, proof of which is its enormous popularity.

But now, all these factors would be playing against him by developing deep anxiety in the wife of the the prince william.

The fact of being the future queen would be leaving a deep weight on his shoulders, adding to the upbringing of his three children that they are still children. Kate is young, she is only 42 years old, so she would feel very stressed about having to face cancer at such a young age.

Despite that, several ‘Mirror’ sources assure that Kate Middleton You will have the necessary strength to face the entire situation. And the anxiety itself could already be treated with the help of professionals.

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