King Charles III formally excludes Prince Harry on his 75th birthday

The 75th birthday of king Charles III of the United Kingdom It will be held on Tuesday. He will have a private party with his family, but it is formally confirmed that his youngest son, the prince harryhas been excluded from the celebrations, despite the fact that the British press had stated that the monarch had invited him.

The relationship between the British crown and the dukes of SussexEdit still very tense; There are no signs of an early reconciliation, nor are Prince Harry’s wishes to return to the life of the family. royalty.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex still have a tense relationship with British royalty.

With the birthday of monarch around the corner, it was initially believed that his youngest son was going to be fully invited to the ceremony. However, the reality has been different, since it has been the Harry the one who has completely denied the rumors and has made it very clear: He has not been invited to anything.

Even the nearby sources They revealed to the duke that until very recently, they did not know that Charles III was preparing a private celebration:

«They did not receive an invitation and they were unaware that there was a celebration until the information was published,” the source revealed to the British newspaper MailOnline.

King Charles III has not yet reconciled with Prince Harry.

With this, it was fully confirmed that the king Charles III formally excluded prince harry already Meghan Markle of his birthday celebrations. The monarch will have 2 parties to celebrate; The first will be a private event exclusively for the British royal family, and the second party will take place at Clarence House and will be a public event.

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